Super Sports Center we are committed to customer satisfaction and peace of mind, and offer a 100% lifetime authenticity money-back guarantee on all of our products . You have our complete assurance that all product on the website is genuine. If any item purchased through is determined not to be authentic, we will offer a full and immediate money-back guarantee.

Mounted Memories offers an ironclad guarantee assuring the absolute authenticity of all of our hand-signed memorabilia. And, for your added protection, a certification card verifying its authenticity accompanies each item. The bottom line is you can rest assured that you've gotten the real thing.

Schwartz Sports is a full-service sports memorabilia and marketing company. All Autographs Guaranteed 100% Authentic and come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Schwartz Sports.

Upper Deck authenticity has been a central theme to Upper Deck products since the company’s inception in 1988. Upper Deck expanded the company’s focus on authenticity to include fine autographed sports memorabilia backed by a patented five-step authentication process which guarantees fans are receiving genuine autographs. The heart of the five-step process is the company’s policy that an Upper Deck representative must witness each autograph signed. Today Upper Deck dedicates more resources than any other sports collectibles and memorabilia company to ensure the authenticity of its products.

Tri-Star numbered and authentic hologram affixed to all items signed at Tri-Star shows and private signings. The opportunity to go online and verify the authenticity of the signature. Just enter the Tri-Star authentic hologram number on the item into the computer by going to and you will instantly see the date and location of when and where the autograph was obtained and more.

Steiner Sports each and every hand-signed collectible that carries a tamper-proof hologram is witnessed by a Steiner Sports representative. Once the collectibles have been autographed, they are cataloged and inventoried. Each hand-signed collectible is examined for quality and signature condition. If the collectible meets the Steiner Sports standard of excellence a tamper-proof Steiner Sports hologram is affixed to the product.

Athlon Sports is a 37 year-old Nashville-based publishing company. Athlon is the No. 1 ranked sports annual on retail sales dollars and magazines sold. All Autographs Guaranteed 100% Authentic and come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Athlon Sports.

Athletic Promotional Events stakes its reputation on every item that we sell, and authenticity is our number one priority.  Every signature has been witnessed by a company representative and is marked with our unique hologram.   Each Item also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity that features a photo of the athlete signing the item and a matching hologram. Each and every autograph is guaranteed for life to be authentic.  

Creative Sports Authentic (CSA) = Confidence, Security, and Assurance: All Autographs Guaranteed 100% Authentic With a Money Back Guarantee. All Autographs come with a Serialized Certificate of Authenticity, Tamper Proof Security Decal with matching Serial # on Item & Certificate.
Photo of Athlete signing will be provided if available.

SuperStar Greetings guarantees each piece to be 100% authentic and offers a lifetime guarantee on each piece. The athlete and the SuperStar Greetings witnessing agent sign our Certificate of Authenticity. We affix the tamper resistant Superstar Greetings hologram to the Certificate of Authenticity.

AllStarLineUp All products from signings incorporate a triple-proof authentication process and a tamper-proof hologram is affixed to each product.

Real Deal Memorabilia Has tamper-proof stickers are placed on the item, the photo from our signing, and the Certificate of Authenticity. All stickers are hand-numbered to ensure that no stickers will be reproduced. The certificate that accompanies each item has the following information: date of signing, items signed, quantity of items signed, athlete's signature (photocopied) attesting to the signing.

GTSM specializes in providing the hottest sports memorabilia collectibles on the market today. Offering a full line of hand-signed memorabilia including baseballs, footballs, basketballs, jerseys, and helmets, we guarantee the authenticity of each item.

Pro Tour Memorabilia pioneered the authentication of autographed golf memorabilia and our stringent authentication process ensures that you are receiving a genuine, limited edition collector’s item. The professional golfer then signs an affidavit certifying the authenticity of the item, as well as the number of pieces actually signed. A tamper-resistant, hologram is affixed to the finished product. A Certificate of Authenticity is then issued which bears its own unique identification number.

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